Concept Design and Art Direction

In 1994 Oscar Chichoni and Isabel Molina combined skills to form a creative partnership dedicated to high profile design and image creation.
Chichoni-Molina specialises in concept design and art direction as the process of generating and implementing ideas, inputting images to text and creating text to inform image.

From the smallest objects to the most grandiose spaces

The partners work in close collaboration in the conception of ideas and early visualizations. Great importance is given to the initial stages of design, beginning with an extensive research of style and careful study of colour, scale and composition. This process of information gathering will lead to the aesthetic climate of the project as a whole and to detailing from the smallest object to the most grandiose space.

Creative Design Solutions

During the phases of development where problems of execution normally appear, expertise and experience become the main players in developing creative solutions.  In practice our input has contributed to enhance scripts initiating changes welcomed by the writers, as in the case of Silverheart by Michael Moorcock and Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic; where our visualisations influenced in the final realisation of the script.

Isabel Molina has an extensive background in art theory and architectural design, a deep understanding of history and style and an excellent handling of composition, proportion and feeling of space. We believe this to be the fundamental structure upon which, ideas are constructed and made credible even if forms are highly imaginative or surreal.  

Oscar Chichoni on the other hand, has a deep understanding of art history and visual story telling that started with his work as comic artist; in addition he has an extensive track record as illustrator specialising in science fiction. His accomplishment as draughtsman needs no introduction; he is responsible for the realisation of the final drawings and illustrations.

Partners Background

Isabel Molina, Architect BA (Hons) Dip Arch
Isabel is a practising architect registered in the UK. She has worked in high profile design commissions including interior design for the Conran Design Group, were she was a member of the winning team for the interiors of the British Pavilion in Seville 92; she was also a member of the international team selected for the Porta Fluvial, Expo 98, Lisbon; housing and offices in the experimental town of Høje Tastrup, Denmark with Clelland Associates.

Oscar Chichoni is an internationally known artist and illustrator and has won the most important awards in Europe in this field.
His extensive portfolio of works in illustration includes most of the leading publishing houses in the USA and Europe.
His artwork has been exhibited in many countries; he also has been a member of the jury to several international events on SF Art and Film Animation.

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